build the self-confidence to be..

& Free!

Every woman deserves to feel confident in her own skin! My signature method for building self confidence from inside out is through empowered feminine embodiment

Are you ready to strut into a more empowered life?


Feel Sexy in Your Skin

Tired of feeling shy in your body? Want to wear that little black dress, red lip, and heels on a night out and feel confident when you step into a room?


Build Self-Confidence

Do you want to truly love yourself from the inside? Self confidence is about trusting yourself to unapologetically show up in your life as the fierce woman you know you want to be!


Be Empowered

Want to live your best life? The time is now to make the investments in yourself. 


Express your Sexuality

Expressing your sexuality can be scary in this patriarchal society, but I’m here to tell you that ITS OKAY for you to be sexy and know it and show it. Let’s create this safe space together.

How I can bring out your fiercely feminine self?

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Fiercely Feminine Formula

The Fiercely Feminine Formula is my 12 week 1×1 dance & confidence hybrid coaching experience to take you from shy self doubt to fierce confidence!

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In-person and Online Classes

Learn the foundations of heels dance & discover your power with heels dance classes. Opportunities to dance with me in Austin, Texas and online!

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Build your Self-Love Relatioinship

Showing yourself love & gratitude is crucial to building your self confidence! Grab this free resource for Finding Self-Love in a my signature Me-to-Me method!

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About me

Hi! I'm Miranda Kittie

I’m a dance & confidence coach based in Austin, Texas! With my passion for dance, it is my mission to empower women to find real self-love and self-confidence through dance!

Dance Classes

Opportunities to learn from me in the studio and online!

In person Beginner Heels class in Austin, Texas. In this class we cover the foundations of heels dance. Heels optional.

Online tutorials and live monthly classes on Dance For Ladies online platform. Check out the different memberships!

In person Reggaeton Latin Mix class in Austin,Texas. This class is a mix of latin styles (salsa, bachata, cumbia, cha cha, etc) and heels dance! 

In Fempower Heels we work on how you connect heels dance movements to your unique feeling & expression.

Join the confidence crew!

Keep in touch & hear from me on your journey to self-confidence

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