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About me

Hi! I'm Miranda AKA Kittie

I am a dancer and confidence coach!

I grew up dancing, but after going through a toxic relationship I hit an all time low.. my self doubt and disconnection with my feminine self were keeping me from living a confident & empowered life. I turned to heels dance to build my self confidence and learn how to feel powerful in my femininity.


In my search for finding my most confident and empowered feminine self, I was able build my self confidence back to where it was and beyond! I completely changed my outlook on my own self, physically and mentally. I took my power back of my body .. my confidence .. and my life.

I poured my methods into my weekly dance classes and started seeing sparks of confidence and growth in my students. I knew I could take it one step further and bring this transformation to women in an even more powerful way. And that is how the “Fiercely Feminine Formula” was born!

Experience the Kittie Korner..

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The Fiercely Feminine Formula is my signature 8-week dance & confidence hybrid 1×1 coaching program! Learn more about how I can help you reach your confidence goals..

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In Person & Online Classes

I teach in Austin, Texas and online for Dance For Ladies! Join me for heels foundations dance classes!

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I love to perform and collaborate with other artists. Check out my upcoming and past collaborations.