1x1 Dance & Confidence Hybrid Coaching

Fiercely Feminine Formula

a 12 week transformational hybrid dance and confidence coaching experience designed to help you let go of limiting beliefs keeping you feeling small and shy while stepping into your confident, feminine power so you can experience more true happiness & love with less self doubt.

Want to strut your way to the empowered & confident YOU and finally live your life unapologetically with true self-love & self-confidence in who you are on the inside & out?

..imagine with me..

What if...

...you could harness your inner confidence so you can live your life unapologetically...

...you felt confident in your own skin and embraced every part of your body with real love...

...you could powerfully take ownership over your feminine power and could freely express that part of you through body movement…

... without feeling stuck in self-doubt and shame AND feeling less than the BEST version of yourself??

Does this sound like you?

Are you ready to live your life to the fullest by letting go of limiting beliefs that are making you…

Lack Confidence

..in your own skin and it's starting to affect your life. You're ready to show up in your fiercest way

Feel Pressured

..by others telling you how you "should" show up in life as a woman and you are ready to define femininity in your own way

Feel Shy

..about expressing your sexuality and it's starting to affect your relationships

Feel Self-Doubt

..about your worth and it's making you feel small & hide who you truly want to be

Every woman deserves to feel confident & powerful in her own skin radiating in her femininity with self-love & self-confidence..

Let me help you build your self-love & self-confidence so you can finally live your life unapologetically as your truest self without feeling stuck in self-doubt!

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Hi I'm,

Miranda Kittie!

I know how it feels to have low self-confidence, feel shy in your body, and insecure in who you are. I was just struggling with wanting to feel confident in who I was on the inside and out after going through a toxic relationship. I found out a harsh truth.. you can be so stuck drowning in self-doubting thoughts and emotions that it feels like you don’t even know who you truly are anymore.   In my search for finding my most confident and empowered feminine self I was able build my self confidence back to where it was and beyond! I completely changed my outlook on my own self, physically and mentally, and I took my power back. Power of my body .. my confidence .. and my life.   I poured my methods into my weekly dance classes and started seeing sparks of confidence and growth in my students. I knew I could take it one step further and bring this transformation to women in an even more powerful way. And that is how “Fiercely Feminine Formula” was born…

The Fiercely Feminine Formula is for..

Women who feel called to live their life as someone who feels confident in their own skin and no longer wants to apologize for who they are.

A woman that doubts her sexiness and fierceness and is truly wanting to embody and feel REAL self love through feminine embodiment.

Steps to Fierce, Feminine, & Free...

Build your relationship with yourself. We will determine your beliefs around self-love & your self-worth and make sure they are in alignment with the feminine embodiment & self-confidence journey we are about to embark on!

Learn the some feminine embodiment movements to strut your stuff and show off your curves. We’ll start to pair these movements with some empowering affirmations on self-love & self-confidence to start to build your confidence around who you are as a woman on the inside & out.

Put together a short sequence of feminine movements to really create this new narrative & truly embody the YOU you want to be. You will start to listen to what your mind and body is telling you as you shift into the fully empowered & sexy YOU!

Celebrate the space you’ve created and the work you have done to get to this stage of your fiercely feminine journey. From here you’ll have the tools to continue on fierce, feminine & free: radiating with confident, feminine power so you can experience true happiness & love with less self doubt!

What you'll gain from the FFF..

Mindset for Confidence

The self talk techniques to talk down your doubts and build your confidence to over come insecurities.

Self-Love Relationship

Strengthen your relationship with yourself to learn to love all aspects of you on the inside and out.

Femmebodiment Tools

My signature feminine embodiment techniques to move your body in a confident & feminine way.

Ownership of Sexual Power

Embodiment & mindset tools to feel sexy in your body on the inside & out!

Confident Clients

Miranda Kittie has helped me in all parts of my life but especially with the way I speak to myself. She’s all about learning to love and accept yourself through dance and I feel like I am definitely learning that.
It’s been a rewarding experience to push myself out of my comfort zone and feel like I’m making progress towards my goals. The choreo is always a blast and I love being in an empowered environment. It’s good for the soul.

The Fiercely Feminine Formula is for you if...

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