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In my 1x1 coaching I'll work with you directly to...

Hi I'm,

Miranda Kittie!

I know how it feels to have low self-confidence, feel shy in your body, and insecure in who you are. I was just struggling with wanting to feel confident in who I was on the inside and out after going through a toxic relationship. I found out a harsh truth.. you can be so stuck drowning in self-doubting thoughts and emotions that it feels like you don’t even know who you truly are anymore.


In my search for finding my most confident and empowered feminine self I was able build my self confidence back to where it was and beyond! I completely changed my outlook on my own self, physically and mentally, and I took my power back. Power of my body .. my confidence .. and my life.


I poured my methods into my weekly dance classes and started seeing sparks of confidence and growth in my students. I knew I could take it one step further and bring this transformation to women in an even more powerful way… through confidence coaching!

Over three months we'll meet 30 minutes each week. In between calls you'll have access to me via Voxer for any additional support you'll need on your journey!

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Signature tools & methods I provide my clients:

Mindset for Confidence

Self talk techniques to talk down your doubts and build your confidence to over come insecurities.

Self-Love Relationship

Strengthen your relationship with yourself to learn to love all aspects of yourself with embodiment work & self soothing techniques.

Femmebodiment Tools

My signature feminine embodiment techniques to move your body to bring out your inner sexy.

Ownership of Feminine Power

Growth mindset reframes & conscious responses to really own the woman you desire to show up as in your life.

Confident Clients

Miranda Kittie has helped me in all parts of my life but especially with the way I speak to myself. She’s all about learning to love and accept yourself through dance and I feel like I am definitely learning that.
It’s been a rewarding experience to push myself out of my comfort zone and feel like I’m making progress towards my goals. The choreo is always a blast and I love being in an empowered environment. It’s good for the soul.